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Welcome to the integrated College for the Advancement of Postgraduate Education of the SFB/Transregio 49 (Frankfurt-Kaiserslautern-Mainz)

"Condensed Matter Systems with Variable Many-Body Interactions".

The researchers of the TR49 strive for two principle goals: The production of internationally first-class research results and the education of qualified experts and scientists of many-body interactions in condensed matter physics, both of which are equally important responsibilities towards society. It is a universally accepted truth that these two areas, research and postgraduate education, go hand in hand. Success in one area also requires excellence in the other and vice versa.

The College for the Advancement of Postgraduate Education is an integrated graduate school with the primary intention of improving and furthering the education of young researchers affiliated with the research projects of the Transregio. The College keeps high academic standards and strives for an optimal graduation time of three years for Ph.D. candidates. To this end, the College provides training opportunities, guidance, and a pleasant networking environment in order to assist the research progress of doctoral students towards graduation without delays. Because of the close ties with the research environment of the transregio, it is natural to implement the general ''Problem Based Learning'' principle, i.e. to combine the studies with hands on experience in research wherever possible.

The College also assists members in acquiring a variety of other skills that are expected from doctoral candidates on their way to become a self-reliant researcher, who not only excels in science, but is also ready to fill the position of a leading, responsible and independent scientist as demanded in all parts of society. The combination of an efficient training environment provided by the College together with the first-class research opportunities in the SFB/Transregio 49 is going to help in producing better results and reaching personal goals more quickly.

The College offers many customized and transregional training opportunities, such as international schools, workshops, seminars, soft skill courses, lecture series, exchanges, books, excursions, information services, and - last but not least - personal career development and guidance. Customized means in particular that the educational events are tailored according to individual needs. Of course, this implies in turn that members have to be involved actively in order to suggest, plan, and guide these events, in collaboration with fellow students, the supervisor, and the Executive Manager of the College. Transregional means that activities can be offered and attended at all three locations of the Transregio. Therefore, members will profit from networking among the different locations and from scientific communication tailored to their needs.

The College is integrated in the strongly developed infrastructure of three universities.